by Delirium Seeds

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The debut album from Delirium Seeds... a sonic fistful of magic beans!


released January 15, 2017



all rights reserved


Delirium Seeds Brisbane, Australia

Delirium Seeds is an Australian indie rock band featuring members of psych assault team Purple Avengers & punk legends Mystery of Sixes. Their debut album takes the listener down some mysterious paths where Goldilocks might fear to tread!

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Track Name: Black Ship
“I’m like a black ship” she said
“Slow founding on a reef of fears”
I keep hoping that the wind will change
And the Sea will bring her back to me

I will never let you down
I will never let you drown

So the gulls cry as they dive
What a trick for gods to place us here
In the hungry mouth of the fuming skies
For fragile years

She is all I’ve ever known
She is all I’ve ever known

“I’m like a black ship” she said
“Moving swiftly through the rifts and peaks”
I keep hoping as the seasons change
And all Reason brings her back to me
Track Name: Lovely Luck
Lovely luck you won was an infant sun
Hello fiery Ray light an orange day
Lovely luck in twos was the next you drew
Hello hallowed Eve shine a light on me

Lucky fun you must have given everyone
Happy fate to have you here with me today

Lovely luck in threes was the best of these
Four-leaf clover bed… horseshoe-magnet ray
Lovely locket fun was the prize you won
Take a shiny day... hang it on a chain

Lovely luck in fours was an open door
Locks to outwit fate... key to our escape
Lovely locket fun was the prize you won
Take a shiny day... wear it on a chain
Track Name: Knock
Knock one time… knock two times
And if the conversation flares
Burn our eyes with delight
Like firefly tears falling in the insect heat

Knock three times… knock four times
And if your answer breaks me down
Atoms meet... fall around
A quantum dance in our opposing states of need

Knock five times… knock six times
Invite me to abandon hope
There’s no sign of this light
Ever reaching you between the years and years

Knock knock then… Who is it?
Come read my book between the lines
Read aloud in your witch’s breath
An ending without a fairytale
Track Name: Sun She Grow
Crop she do fail
We eatie the beetles
And drinkie the toad lactation
Sun she grow day
She lightie the sky
And beam in a fierce devotion

All of the big ones died
As the rivers were boiling dry
Sun wraps its arms of light
Around us until the night

Mother we toil
We cuttie the little ones
Into a godly bitesize
River she boil
She snakie on downways
Hiss in the stovetop hotsoil
Track Name: Experiments On Insects
He butts in with the ignorance of yearning
She replies with the discipline of learning
He’s got moves but can’t find a willing subject
She wants proof... definition of the object

Nobody cares...
Nobody dares ask why
Sticking their cold pins deep into butterflies

She wants facts and experimental data
Further proof that this won’t end in disaster
Three blind trials with placebos and a blood test
Then some things that you wouldn’t do to insects

So we wait getting ready for a shakedown
Move so fast that we blur into the background
Reach light speed then we stretch to the horizon
All light caught in the grip of this liaison
Track Name: Hold
Dig down
Through clay mainly
Your heart’s riches guarded closely

Hold all you have left
Counting down to me
Broke one more promise
One last vow we should mend

Blue-faced raving
Portent raven
Omen chasing
Warning entrails

Loose lips sink ships
Strong thighs bruise hips
Torn sheet nesting
Warm and cosy

Wove into magic
One fine trick at the end
Track Name: Popsicle Dawn
It’s a popsicle dawn
The sun drips sweetness into my eyes
Such a dumb metaphor
When you bring poetry to my life

In a tricycle race
Everyone wins and that’s what I like
Thanks for bringing a cake
Each day we make the best of all times

Yay oh yay oh yay oh yay oh yay
Wait awake await awake away
Doo doot doot doot doo doot doot doot doo
Wait awake await awake away

Life’s improbable forms...
Your kind of strangeness takes my fancy
Swallow vitamin pills
With all your goodness in a capsule

It’s the coming of day
Each time you rise up high in my life
Thanks for coming in waves
Each day to crash upon my shoreline
Track Name: Colour Me Invincible
Colour me invincible
Code in ink invisible
Only rainbows have the hues I need

Dark but I am not afraid
All these creatures are our friends
We can let them make a home in here

And I do know
And I do know
One single thought remains

Something lucky ‘bout a man
Nothing much to understand
All he has to do is wait for you

Darling I am not afraid
Darwin had nothing to say
No one ever thought Love would evolve

Collar me... an animal
Lost my backbone when I fell
Roll around inside my skin for weeks
Track Name: Dominos
A hammer to my head
Is what it takes to make me register you’re there
A broken piece of me
Wants to hook up with a broken piece of you
We generate more heat
If we soak it up then let it radiate
We recognise the truth
When the lie grows bigger than what we can take

Dominos we set in patterns fall in sequence just like me and you

A cannonball attack
Is what it takes to get me to my very core
You overran my trench
When I didn’t even know we were at war
We dedicate our lives
To the cold pursuit everything we hate
We recognise ourselves
When the mirror breaks to rearrange our face

A cannibal attack
Is what it takes to make us beg to keep our skin
Don’t be so fucking scared…
If the cannibals attack then let them in
You took a pound of flesh
Well there’s still a feast of tender meat to share
We recognise ourselves
When there’s nothing left but skeletal remains
Track Name: Wood & Rope
Save a bullet for the King
He has come to steal your rings
Your box of rocks
Your golden locks
And all your tiny treasured things

Save your gallows for the Pope
And his hallowed theft of hope
He gave you wine
Then left you blind
With nothing left but wood and rope

Save a kind thought for the man
Who has come to take your hand
So drop that frown
Put on your gown
And we will stalk this merry land
Track Name: Corn
You found me lying in a field
They flattened all the corn with hungry giant steps
I saw them leak into this world
Through rips into the folds of origami sheets

The strangest thing is you love me
Strange that we should ever even meet
Neither below or above me
One and one is one and infinite

I had a dream that I could fly
But only with my arms impaled on unicorns
I took a leap into the void
And found the creatures there were naked and deformed

And when I woke up in the light
I saw the giant eyes were looking back at me
I saw the iris burning bright
And recognised with glee the mirror facing me

I pricked my finger on the day
And saw the sun display its iridescent spines
Track Name: Skybaby
Day’s Eye... Dandy Lion
Skybaby over green fields
Mary Gold forget me not
Skybaby over green fields

Tie a box up in the mango tree and climb up here with me
Swing from branches high in monkey glee over the bike-ride streets
Take some blankets in and something sweet... the roof is limbs and leaves
Kiss me over the garden gate when we come down again

Foxglove birthday suit
Skybaby over blue days
Poppy candytuft
Skybaby over blue daze

Hiya Cynthia hi
Bluebells ring in the morning
Friendly snapdragons
Fire-breathe in the morning
Track Name: Azimuth
The Earth is a rock that orbits the sun
But the sun never sets on the face she presents
With the full force of gravity’s pull

The higher the mound the bigger the fall and
No one understands that the weight on your mind
Is just gravity pulling you back

The bigger the fist the deeper the bruise
And the sun never sets on the stain that she left
In the skin and the bone and the meat

The stars never rest when they shine in her eyes
And the sky is on fire with the holes that she ripped
In the fabric that’s draped over time